Q:      What can I expect from working with you?

A:      I consider you to be my most important client.  As such, you can expect quick turnaround times, fully researched responses, respect for your requirements, value for your money, and strict confidentiality for you and for your project.

Q:      What is your process?

A:      We will discuss your request at length. In doing so, I will ask you to put your request in writing, with as much detail as possible; describe your past successes and failures on this type of project; outline who you consider your competition to be; define who you are trying to reach on this project and provide your ideas about approaching the project and its problems.

Q:      Do you charge more for rush jobs?

A:      No, but I respect those who are already in line, and with whom I have arranged a due date.

Q:      What are your rates?

A:      Go to the Rates/Quotes page for details. There are other categories of work and support that could be considered in addition to those on the list. Just tell me what you want, and I will work up a fee for your individualized project.

Q:      What if I want to make revisions?

A:      I am always open to edits and rewrites.

Q:      What is the best way to reach you?

A:      See my Contact page to email me directly from this website. My email address is fisherofmen@donweimerchristiancopywriter.com; my telephone number is (707) 416-9996.

Q:      How do I hire you? Do I have to sign a contract?  Do you ask for money up front?

A:      We agree on the scope of the project online, or on the phone. We do not sign a contract. I accept credit cards online via this website.  I take 50% down on large projects and 100% down on small projects.  We operate on a level of trust between us.

Q:      What sets you apart from everyone else?

A:      I am reliable, resourceful, quick, honest, imaginative, clever, good, complete, agile, competitive, friendly, relentless, and I attribute it all to God!